The work of artist Mark Divo is situated at the boundary of conceptual and performance art. In his inhabited sculptures, he extends ideas such as shared authorship and the ready-made into performative installations, which he sets up at myriad locations in different countries. Divo produces his works and exhibitions from found objects such as waste, antiques, bric-a-brac and books, using them as the raw material and starting point for his installations. He also employs icons from art history as ideational material in his adaptations. For example, he utilises colourful cleaning sponges to satirise famous artworks and “re-enacts” classic paintings in staged photographs.

Together with Sonja Vectomov, Mark Divo founded the d.i.v.o. Institute in 2007 in Kolin near Prague. It is an inhabited museum in which art is exhibited, produced and discussed. The d.i.v.o. Institute offers an alternative approach to conventional artistic production and art reception. As a melting pot of different artistic disciplines such as dance, theatre, music and the fine arts, the “inhabited sculpture” constitutes a colourful, lively total work of art.

In the summer of 2010, the Czech-Swiss “King of Dada” Mark Divo will be a guest in Kassel for two weeks, where he will transform the Kunsthalle Fridericianum into an “inhabited sculpture” in the aesthetic and conceptual style of the d.i.v.o. institute, a sculpture providing a basis for workshops, performances, actions, lectures and discussions. Along with artist friends, Mark Divo will stay in Kassel and carry out performances on a daily basis. For this purpose, he invited MICKRY 3 from Zurich to organise a Sculpture Workshop as well as FLX Labs for a media-workshop. Over a period of several days, Ingo Giezendanner will practice Showdrawing, adorning the inhabited sculpture with wall drawings which, like the sculptures, will exist as ephemeral works only during the period the d.i.v.o. Institute spends at the Fridericianum. In addition, Thomas Haemmerli, who has followed the activities of Mark Divo for more than ten years as a journalist, critic, collaborator and friend, will contribute to the event with a talk. Mark Divo invited the woman pastor Thala Theres Linder to debate the issue of “religion as a substitute of art” with Dr. Habib Afsar, the “love activist”, on Sunday. Furthermore Fake Master Michael Schmacke will show his short films and will contribute a radio workshop for children together with members of Berlin-based RADIJOJO. Petr Motycka from artist group podebal lectures on United Brands for World Peace. With special appearance of the ballerinadog Motoracek from Prague.

Knarf Rellöm, alias King Fehler, as well as Scream Club & Electrosexual will provide for a musical highlight on Saturday 3 July, as will the internationally famous Vaudeville poet Momus, who will captivate the audience on the following Saturday, 10 July, with his speech-songs. During two afternoon tea dances, people of all ages will have the opportunity to dance to music performed by a violin duo and to original shellac records, intended to inspire participants to immerse themselves in the Divo activities. The same holds true for the pop song workshop with Pastor Leumund, at which talented singers from Kassel and elsewhere will take the stage. At the closing event on July 14, the d.i.v.o. Institute will find the ultimate superstar in the North Hessian talent show variant Kassel’s got Talent, and will close the doors with him or her later in the evening.

The d.i.v.o. Institute and the Kunsthalle Fridericianum cordially invite you to take part in the various events held from 1 to 14 July 2010 and to become an active component of the “inhabited sculpture”. The d.i.v.o. Institute is opening its Kassel branch on Wednesday, 30 June 2010 at 7 p.m.

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