Navid Nuur (born in Teheran, 1976) refers to his works as ‘interimodules’ and not sculptures or installations. In his view, the latter are too immobile and rigid to form the desired spatial and temporal link with their environment and the viewer. For the same reason, Nuur rejects the term ‘site specific’, which is often applied to his work. Instead, he choses the term ‘interimodules’ composed of the words ‘interim’ and ‘module’ to describe the envisaged intermediate area. With ‘module’ Navid Nuur draws a connection to his way of thinking and conceptualisation, while he uses the word ‘interim’ to allude to the space and the limited temporal period, thus highlighting above all the processual character of his works.

The relationship between the artistic concept and the form also plays a key role for him. While the form sometimes has to be subordinated to the conceptual idea, it is never only the result of it. Rather, the form develops through artistic specifications or rules in which, for Nuur, intuition is a decisive factor. The relatively simple structure of his works and the choice of virtually trivial materials, which are usually taken from everyday life, including wax, floral arrangement foam blocks, Polaroid photographs, food, a rubbish container and packaging materials, taken from past shows or from the museal institutions, are part of his artistic set of rules. In addition, Navid Nuur always closely links his works and their titles, thus stressing the context and the thematic statement. A graphic example of this is the work 'I am just an idea between the tape and the wall' (2008), which consists of a piece of yellow adhesive tape attached to the wall whose title can be read on the back, in the area between the wall and the adhesive tape.

For his solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Fridericianum Navid Nuur will present a comprehensive ensemble of his ‘interimodules’, which with their variety invite the viewer to delve into his artistic world of thought in the in-between realm. The works on view will include 'VEIN OF VENUS II' (2008-2009), which concurrently focuses on the relation between a micro and a macro world. 'Let us meet inside you' (2006-2009) is a work which Nuur redeveloped for THE VALUE OF VOID at the Fridericianum. The work originally consisted of a water dispenser, where a notebook, in which the words ‘let us meet inside you’ were written, was attached to the water tank by a belt of the artist. While looking through the water tank the words could be espied by the viewer. In Kassel this work will consist of a wall composed of 7000 water bottles in crates. These will be filled with Kassel water from a tap which in turn comes from Navid Nuur's studio. As a result, this work additionally takes on the character of a long-term performance.

For ‘THRESHOLDER’ (2007-2009) the artist composed a ten-metre-long wall of floral arrangement foam blocks. Navid Nuur shaped these blocks by slightly putting dents with his own fingers in the material, thus leaving “more and more emotional marks on the rational block”, according to the artist. Furthermore, the work 'CITY SOIL', which in parts is made of trash from the exhibition, and a new Polaroid series will be on display, as well as the neon work 'TENTACLE THOUGHT Nr. 5 (HOCUSFOCUS)' (2004-2009).


THE VALUE OF VOID is realised in collaboration with S.M.A.K. in Ghent and De Hallen in Haarlem.

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Navid Nuur

Navid Nuur was born in Teheran in 1976. He completed his studies in the Netherlands and in England, and now lives and works in Den Haag.

Among his most recent solo exhibitions are The Value of Void, at the S.M.A.K., Ghent (2009), Where It’s At at the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden and Lost Licks in the project room 1646 in Den Haag (both in 2008). In March 2010 Nuur will present another solo exhibition at De Hallen in Haarlem.

His most recent participations in group exhibitions are The Knight's Tour at De Hallen, Haarlem, Sculptural – Collection at the S.M.A.K., Ghent and Radical Autonomy at the Centre d'Art Contamporain in St. Nazaire (all in 2009).

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