Curatorial Programme De Appel, Amsterdam

De Appel’s contribution will assume the curatorial activity as its form. Being young curators, we see our activity as one of selecting, contextualizing and presenting artworks to both a specialized and a wider audience. Having that in mind, we decided to contribute a selection of video-based artworks through a screening program. This selection will reflect and be a direct outcome of being a part of De Appel Curatorial Programme, through which we have been in contact with many artists and respective practices, but also exposed to international exhibitions featuring a specific curatorial discourse. Our engagement with the actual artworks reflect our commitment to the artistic practice as the main focus of our professional activity and rather than refusing explicitly a discursive activity or a discursive turn in contemporary art/curatorial practice, posits the actual curatorial act as the locus for self-reflexivity and engagement with the world at large.


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