Axel J. Wieder

Institutions and Crisis

The presentation explores the possibilities of institutional programs as spaces for critical practices and specific audiences. Experimental approaches in the last years tested new models of mediation and a reflective approach of exhibition formats and standards. Under the impression of the funding crisis, there seems to be a backlash which includes the pressure to respond to a populist turn, but also to internalize former progressive approaches in a way that rather enhances institutional power than allowing critique.

Axel J. Wieder is a curator and art historian, he is the Artistic Director of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart and co-founder of Pro qm, an experimental bookshop in Berlin. He organized a thematic section about the urban development in Berlin for the 3rd Berlin Biennial (2004) (together with Jesko Fezer) and the exhibition project Now and Ten Years Ago for KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin (2004-2005). He is frequently writing on architecture and exhibitions for Texte zur Kunst, 032c, Springerin, Frieze, Arch+ and other publications.

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