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Giovanni Carmine, Hassan Khan

Possible Encounters

How can the emotional conditions that lie behind the sensitive and complex relationship between artist and curator be understood as part of the practice of exhibition making? And where can the line be drawn between a form of cultural politics and mere career oppurtunism? Who is responsible for understanding and defining the terms of the relationship and how? And is it possible to therefore build a relationship where discovery is still possible? And finally what kind of landscape are we forced to share and negotiate?

Artist Hassan Khan and curator Giovanni Carmine in discussion concerning the preparation of Khan's solo exhibition at the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, due to open in mid-May 2010.

Giovanni Carmine is a curator and art critic. He worked at the Kunstraum Walcheturm in Zurich and has organised exhibitions such as 999 (1999), Updating Landscapes (2003), Body Proxy (2004-2005), and the painting trilogy Fois Gras (2007). He contributed to several exhibitions like the Venice Biennial and the Biennale de Lyon (both in 2007). He has also initiated independent projects like Unloaded (2002) and the mobile platform Zimmerfrei. He published in various magazines as well catalogues and edited several publications like PSYOP Post 9/11 Leaflets and CEAU (both with Christoph Büchel). Since 2007 he is the Director of the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, where he curated shows by Swiss and international artists, among others: Ryan Gander, Mai-Thu Perret, Gedi Sibony and Loris Gréaud, Shahryar Nashat and Matias Faldbakken.