untitled (magazin) 2011

Art-educational school project with the Herderschule Kassel

On 3 February 2011, the Kunsthalle Fridericianum and the Herderschule Kassel grammar school launched a cooperative project devoted to mediating contemporary art by and with young people under the direction of Sandra Ortmann and Gila Kolb.

The multi-stage art and education project enables pupils in Dr. Andrea Bette’s 12th-grade basic art course to act as disseminators of contemporary art and gives them insight into museum work at the Kunsthalle. In addition, the pupils produced a magazine for young art.

Under the title untitled (magazin) 2011. Pupils at the Herderschule Kassel engage with contemporary art in cooperation with the Kunsthalle Fridericianum, the pupils produced creative contributions, reviews and photographs reporting about the exhibitions of Teresa Margolles, Andro Wekua and Nina Canell.

The pupils gained insight into the work of a museum as institution and became experts and critics. They did performative exercises on the subject of art education, attended a press conference, interviewed the artistic director Rein Wolfs and the artist Andro Wekua, found their own artistic forms of expression – inspired by the exhibitions – and produced a contemporary art magazine. Georg Reinhardt (Meisterschüler of Prof. Gabriele Franziska Götz, Visual Communication, Kunsthochschule Kassel) agreed to do the graphic design for the publication.

The photos, texts and other results were presented on 27 May 2011 during an evening event titled InsideOut Late Night at the Kunsthalle Fridericianum. The publication untitled (magazin) 2011 was introduced to the public on this evening, its available via mail vermittlung(at)fridericianum-kassel.de  or download.

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Abenteuer Museum (The museum as an adventure)

The garbage bag in contemporary art - children as disseminators

Visitors to Matias Faldbakken’s exhibition THAT DEATH OF WHICH ONE DOES NOT DIE encounter drawings that were quickly made on grey garbage bags, dust from emptied fire extinguishers on the floor and glaring work light. It is not simple art, as Faldbakken – like many contemporary artists – makes use of his knowledge of the exhibition space, of its rules and breaches. With this in mind, at the beginning of the three-day project “Abenteuer Museum” held over the autumn holidays in October 2010, a group of children from the Spielhaus Weidestraße were taught the rules of what a “normal” exhibition is like so that deviations from the norm could be made apparent in a second step.

Many of the participants in the holiday programme came to the Kunsthalle Fridericianum with the teacher Petra Meyer for the second time, and some even for the third time. As a result, they had a good knowledge of contemporary art. They knew that in this kind of art the concept is important and that everyday objects can be turned into artworks. Furthermore, they knew how to look closely at artworks, to form their own opinion and to discuss their views with other children... more

Symposium Kunst [auf] Führen

Performativity as Modality and Art Form in Art Education
Symposium with lectures, workshops and performances

Saturday 20. Juni, 10-19 Uhr
Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel

If we consider the history of reflecting on (thinking about) performance “as twofold” history, namely, on the one hand, starting from speech act theory, and on the other, from the art form of performance, then art education is the field in which these two strands cross and can be made productive.
Performing the Self. The art educational situation and the educator her/himself are constituted through (re)enacting historically determined possibilities. Especially when searching for models of resistance/agency in this reenactment, art education’s action in the gallery finds itself in the midst of performance’s turf.
Performing the Museum
means to reflect on the production of the institution and of the subjects in education practice; but it also means asking what education and artistic performance—with its experiences of body, space and time—have to say (to each other).
The symposium offers a day of lectures, workshops and performances for art educators, artists and other interested persons as further education and as a possibility for networking. It is through the exchange of educational strategies between different persons, groups and institutions that new acting forms in education can be jointly developed—perform the museum! more
An event organised by the Institute for Art Education at Zurich’s Hochschule der Künste and the Kunsthalle Fridericianum Kassel. Concept: Nora Landkammer, Carmen Mörsch, Sandra Ortmann, Anna Schürch, Bernadett Settele.


We are very pleased about the outcome of the symposium. More than 130 participants attended. Again, thanks to everyone involved. 


The second issue of Art Education Research, eJournal of the Institute for Art Education at Zurich’s Hochschule der Künste, documents the lectures and performances. 

During the exhibition BOTH ENDS of Monica Bonvini the department of art education developed performances to mediate the artworks:

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